Silent Forum : How I Faked the Moon Landing

Silent Forum's December 2017 video for their song Who's going to side with me? is both compelling and discomforting - the music, described accurately in the past as indie noir, unsettles with its innate tension, as does singer Richard Wiggins' performance with its intensity. Although there is an edge of dark humour in what they do, you might say Wiggins comes across as cut from similar cloth to Ian rather than Richard Curtis.

How I Faked the Moon Landing is a new single, a first release from Libertino Record's single club, and will be succeeded by a debut album later in the year - although an extended EP, Sanctuary +, released late last year, gathered together all their 2016/17 output in an album length compilation. How I Faked the Moon Landing is over six minutes long - once rapt by its skittering, fragile guitar and driven rhythms it seems too short a time.

Although they have forged (and re-forged) their own distinct sound, quietly muttered comparisons to the intuitive magnetism of The Fall and Joy Division are still justified - Silent Forum are a hypnotic post-punk revelation.

SILENT FORUM I How I Faked the Moon Landing