Siobhan McCrudden

Siobhan McCrudden : Icarus Girl

Siobhan McCrudden is a Cardiff-based singer songwriter with Irish and Scottish heritage. McCrudden's childhood home in London was resonant with traditional music and folk tales; that exposure and early connection is indelibly imprinted into her sound - out of time, but like a baton passed on, Icarus Girl is full of the seductive sense of otherness and mystery first found in early seventies English folk.

Working with the art-rock musician Grice Peters, McCrudden has taken her lifetime of listening and absorbing and created a debut album full of grace. Caught by the music's shadowy undertow, the songs on it flow by like a sequence of dreams.

The single released before the album, The Mermaid in Your Glass, comes out of the speakers with an early morning whisper of wood smoke, and is a predictable highlight. The twisting-in-the-air vocal glide of Following You and the shuffling, breezy title track are equally enchanting; Oh Little Red's strings and melancholy are also worth marking out, as is the tender, dark, closing lullaby, A Sin Nonetheless.

Icarus Girl is a gentle and beatific work. The arrangements and production are strong - precise and plangent, the instruments as distinct in the mix as the coal-eyes are on a snowman - a framework emphasising Siobhan McCrudden has a voice that can measure out quiet rapture.