Tendons : Safehouse Sessions

This three song debut by Cardiff based Tendons was released in January 2016 by Staylittle, also home of Climbing Trees. The sound is a yearning Cymrucana, that resonates with that of their label mates.

The three songs are all mellow and atmospheric, with the lead vocal distinctive and mournful on each. Elinor opens the set, with clever shifts in pace, before the harmonising voices and guitar build to a stirring close.

My love is gentle and again builds as it goes, with moments that would have graced Glenn Hansard / Markéta Irglová's soundtrack to 'Once'. Regrets closes the trio with a double bass underpinning an emotive vocal.

Lovely songs, expressively played and sung. The vocals and harmonies could even be a little higher in the mix, as that is where the magic lies.

A very promising debut, and offers more than a hint that Tendons would be enthralling to watch live.


TENDONS I Safehouse Sessions - My Love