Tendons : Schizophrene (single)

Tendons are a five piece Cardiff based band, formed in 2015, they play folk based on harmonies and acoustic instrumentation, with a strong Americana influence, not unlike their label mates Climbing Trees.

Their debut release, Safehouse Sessions, promised a lot for the future, and this new single is the first installment of that. The three songs then were mostly serene and blissful, and they have turned everything down two further notches for this outing.

As gentle as a just perceptible summer breeze, the magic here again, as for their debut EP, is in the harmonies and singing; the spare, subtle instrumentation underpins Tomos Lewis' distinct, characterful voice, and when it is joined by the other band members in harmony something elusive but sublime happens.

A schizophrene is someone suffering from schizophrenia, and the lyrics seemingly sketch out a mix of regret and yearning about a complex relationship, but the essence of the song is evoked and intimated in the emotion carried in the voices, not the words.

A fine, emotive song, full of genuine grace. If Tendons carry on their current trajectory then they will become something very special indeed.



TENDONS I Schizophrene