The Glendale Family : Acorn

Full of powerful metaphors from nature this song is a splendid introduction to the psychedelic influenced folk of The Glendale Family. To match the theme of the song the instrumentation has a real dynamism and life, with the organic feel of first rate folk music.

Now based in Llangollen The Glendale Family already had a long history of touring and playing live before releasing their debut Old Man and the Sea EP in 2014. Following on from this first collection Acorn is a new single, played mainly on acoustic guitars, fearsomely accented at times.

Over this backing the singer, Blaise Ingram, is more than deft enough to deliver the repeated refrain 'We are more than what we see, if you just choose to be' with its deeper meaning perfectly expressed, and then charge home magnificently; and in truth the song is about the vocal - which is reminiscent of the very best of the early seventies female folk-rock greats (with a definite specific hint of Maddy Prior), strong, evocative, just perceptibly folk-mannered - it leads the song marvellously.

A great modern folk song from a very interesting and impressive band.





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