The Minerals : Road to Ruin

The Minerals are a duo, formed from Climbing Trees' Colenso Jones, on a day release from his main musical project, and Jodie Gibson, of Drop Dead Darling. Working together since 2014, they released an eponymous debut album in mid 2015, followed by a two track single in early 2016. It has been quiet since then until now.

If the album was a dark, psychedelic-edged take on country folk - songs such as Stealing Shadows have a persistent closed-in bleakness to them - then this new, musically uplifting, single is a departure.

There is a consistency of instrumentation (guitar, banjo and fiddle - but not the electronic element prominent before) and lyrical theme with their earlier work; Road to Ruin's chorus isn't exactly laced with optimism:

"You're on the road to ruin and you know it,
You're on the road to ruin and you love it,
You're on the road to ruin 'cause you think its sets you free,
But it won't

Yet the tempo, mood and momentum of the new song make it a low-key joy to listen to. There is still a country influence, it is eidetic music that will spark widescreen imagery in anyone who has ever watched a decent Western - you can't hear it without being on an imaginary speeding horse. Once it arrives in the mix guest Helina Rees' (of folk band Elfen) fiddle adds a great deal to the spirit of the track.

The Minerals' Lo-Fi will be on the soundtrack for a new indie film, The Victorians, out later this summer - Road to Ruin itself is the theme tune to a great Netflix series that hasn't been thought of yet, but it will. The duo are one or two notches happier than they sounded before, the music has an infectious new pace - Road to Ruin is both atmospheric and strikingly good.

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