Xqui : Wyrmling EP

Outside of what has been recorded and released all I know about Xqui is nothing.

This EP is a set of remixes from the Dragon album that came out earlier in the year to rave reviews, not least from Louder than War, who know little more than the sounds they hear too.

Creating a wordless incantation out of fluid, shifting layers of the familiar and then the unsettling, the six tracks on the new Wyrmling EP are genuine ambient psychedelia. Wyrmling is heady, experimental stuff that needs to be listened to undisturbed to weave its effect.

It opens with the slow pace of Bun (Sheer Zed's Finger Roll RMX) - a soundscape of unsettling aural textures, sweeping in and ebbing like a tide.

Next up Spark, Rekindled in Despair (Antriksh Bali Mix) is the closest thing to traditional music here, as breaks of laconic beats underpin the found sound and layers of alien atmosphere, with a clutch of repeated piano chords offering momentary recognisable instrumentation.

Re-Paid (R P Sten Mix) then delivers what can only be described as entrancing migrainous disorientation before the menacing otherworldly heartbeat rhythm that flows through eDial (Trium Circulorum iDeal Edit).

Penultimately a ticking clock indicates the opening of Spark (Equinox Time-Slip Mix) and samples like fragments of memory intrude over its insistent tick-tock. Wyrmling then closes with Paid (Alan Morse Davies Mix) - a moment of Robert Fripp-like looped whimsy overlaid with an intrusive dissonant synthesiser and sampled children's voices.

I know in describing the tracks I am not selling them beyond their expected experimental music niche, but if their appeal was to be fixed only there it would be an error. Although undoubtedly off kilter and left field, this is an oddly authentic and utterly compelling EP that extends its reach beyond the anticipated genre boundaries.

Paul Farley and Michael Simmons Roberts' insightful book Edgelands maps journeys into what they see as the last true wilderness - the lost environments that mark the edge of a town or city. These are 'debatable places of in between', and this new Xqui EP offers the perfect soundtrack for such locations, or perhaps just confirmation that the last real uncivilised space is found in music and the inner world it can form in the listener.

The fascination this EP creates is complete. Through Wyrmling Xqui offers glimpses of the mystery of genuine creative imaginations.



XQUI I Bun (Video by Marilyn Roxie)