Yr Angen : Dieithriaid

A 6 track EP released in 2015, that showcases a Swansea based band with a vivid indie / rock sound and spirited songwriting.

You can tell Yr Angen have been together a while, this is a tight, well-rehearsed band. The energy here is reminiscent of this remarkable mid-90s performance by Marion, and the sound redolant with the chiming, ringing early guitar tone of that band's Phil Cunningham (more recently to be found in New Order).

Yr Opsiwn Hawdd opens the compact set - prominent drums, a restrained chorus of voices and then a song built on a sparkling, plangent guitar line you could surf on. Golau Lawr y Ffordd follows, slightly more muted guitar, uplifting, then O Le Ni Di Dod, back to that vibrant, resonant guitar, with a jot of early U2.

Dros Gefnfor follows, again with music so buoyant you could surf on its vitality; Mae'r Amser 'Ma 'Di Ddwyn and Agosach do not lose the momentum, the latter especially, despite being slower, is full of compressed verve being released.

Exhilarating music played with power, passion and a barely disguised delight.

YR ANGEN I Agosach