Yr Oria : Cyfoeth Budur (single)

Yr Oria are now four months into their existence and this song follows on from their hugely impressive alt. rock first release, Gelynion. To be honest we put them in our 2017 Watchlist on the strength of Gelynion alone.

Cyfoeth Budur (which means 'Dirty Riches/Wealth'), has already justified its place in the world with a Radio Cymru 'track of the week' selection and a notch in Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales 'introducing' playlist - it is an energised slice of freewheeling indie pop that reinforces Yr Oria's claim to be a vibrant new force in Welsh contemporary music.

Two of the three musicians in Yr Oria were in Jambyls, including singer and songwriter Garry Roberts, and whilst that band's slightly rougher edged and earthier sound might be missed on North Wales' stages (especially the percussive and infectious march of Bŵm Town), this new project is higher octane and more precisely engineered (metaphorically and actually). The hooks in this new single are irresistible and the guitar break near the end exhilarating; Cyfoeth Budur is really well put together - it is so upbeat and animated it makes you smile, and you can play it ten times on the run without the effect dulling. Superb.

A debut EP is due early in 2017.


YR ORIA I Cyfoeth Budur