Yr Oria : Gelynion (single)

Yr Oria are a new band (barely a month into their existence) from Blaenau Ffestiniog. This song is their first release - and it suggests huge promise.

A three piece, Yr Oria features Garry Hughes and Gareth Ellis, both formerly found in Jambyls, whose debut gathered praise here for the songwriting and delivery, and Gerwyn Murray from Sŵnami - whose own debut is clearly one of the musical highlights of the last twelve months.

That the track is good, with the musicians' pedigree, shouldn't come as a surprise - look even casually and you can see that the artful, uplifting indie-pop sound of Sŵnami has been effectively and seamlessly welded to the more traditional, harder rock edge of Jambyls to provide the framework here - but the music goes much further than any preconceptions. Gelynion ('Enemies') is a genuine piece of superb and soaring alt. rock - the elements layered to an exhilarating conclusion, complete with an extended, gyrating guitar work out.

Yr Oria might only be taking their first steps, but Gelynion is outrageously impressive - irrespective of the time they have been together.

Listen & repeat.


YR ORIA I Gelynion