Calfari : Tân EP

Calfari are a willfully unreconstructed guitar driven band from Anglesey and Bethesda, formed in 2014, now two ebullient EPs and a single into their career. Tân is their second EP - and consistent with their first it is an irresistibly upbeat set of songs that sit confidently somewhere between rock and pop, with the odd dash of bluesey guitar perhaps to signal where they have come from.

The songs are full of triumphant runs of rolling rock guitar; the pop part of the label comes from how well these infectious pieces are put together - the melodies and choruses are made for radio, the guitars clearly itch for the live stage.

This is a really able and well rehearsed band, the guitar parts especially well played and judged, with a knack of writing fine, catchy songs.

On this EP Tân (Fire) is slow and quiet at the start, repeatedly building up the tension released with a great surging chorus - and an exhilarating, unerringly electric, guitar solo, then Saith Deg Naw is full of dynamism and momentum, a singalong refrain and short, sharp lead guitar ornamentation. Dal Yn Dynn features Elin Angharad Williams on vocals and rattles along with another revitalising chorus; Boddi'r Gwir has a more plaintive mood - but the waves of guitar that the vocals surf on ensure that it is as relentless as the other three in getting under your skin (there's an English language version of this song available on YouTube titled All you need).

An album is due early in 2017, until then it seems very unlikely Calfari won't be appearing on a stage near you - and live these songs must come with a guarantee to energise and entertain in equal measure.