Sam Lou Talbot

New : Sam Lou Talbot : Body Down (Live)

Glasgow based singer-songwriter Sam Lou Talbot has released an extraordinary new, improvised album containing eight intimate sketches of desire and its discontents; a record of unswerving, magnetic music. [Read More]

Recent Uploads

  • Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin : The Deepest Breath

    It’s a year since Dublin based sean-nós singer and multi-instrumentalist Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin released Solas an Lae, the sublime raw-folk debut solo album he recorded with Ultan O’Brien (fiddle, viola). The Deepest Breath, shot in a kitchen by Myles O’Reilly, and released just before the album came out, captures the singer in full voice.  [Read More]

  • Papur Wal : Amser Mynd Adra

    Cardiff based trio Papur Wal have released a flawless debut. Melody, melancholy and elemental pop rapture; Amser Mynd Adra is a treasure trove of songs to keep close in bleak times. [Read More]

  • Findlay Napier : It Is What It Is

    This beguiling new album, his fourth solo release, reaffirms Findlay Napier as a distinct and cultivated musician, with a spirited voice all of his own. [Read More]

  • Eve Goodman : Wave Upon Wave EP

    Eve Goodman has confirmed her status as an artist hard on a road to somewhere; Wave Upon Wave is an exquisite release, created from nothing but wisdom, light and grace. [Read More]

  • Khasi-Cymru Collective : 'Sai-thaiñ ki Sur

    From a four year exploration of the traces of Welsh chapel influence on the culture of the Khasi Hills, Gareth Bonello and his Khasi collaborators have produced a fitting celebration of cultural connection; an album that is an earthen, life-affirming delight.  [Read More]