Eve Goodman

Eve Goodman : Wave Upon Wave EP

Wave Upon Wave is a concise set of new songs from Caernarfon-based singer songwriter Eve Goodman, who previously laid out her stall with a limited release Low Sun EP (2018) - featuring a captivating, definitive reading of the Welsh folksong Dacw 'Nghariad - and a single full of shadows and loss, Pellter (October 2020), noted for its telling emotional immediacy.

This time Eve’s inspiration for all five songs comes from the sea.

The EP opens with its title track, written in one sitting and featuring the original demo vocal.

That speed has left no flaws evident - evocative and fluent, Wave Upon Wave is the finest thing Eve has yet recorded, with Luke Evans building a soft-hued multi-instrumental soundscape around her voice and guitar, framing both beautifully. One listen and you are enchanted, barefoot on a beach.

Angor is a Welsh language song, the narrative detailing how a woman who has lived all her life in the mountains feels drawn to the sea with its promise of surrendering to the unknown. Sparely arranged, it underlines Eve’s ability to effortlessly transcend language.

Again written quickly, Siren Song is about ‘waking up to your voice as a woman’ - using the metaphor of the freedom of wild swimming to represent escape from societal constraints. Precise finger picked guitar and soaring, wordless vocals do the rest.

The Sea is a straightforward hymn to the ocean, open-hearted and joyful folk-pop enlivened by the subtle rise and fall of guest Henry Horrell’s violin.

Wash Over Me reflects a period of mourning, the whole piece written as a round whilst sat on the shore of the Menai Strait. As Eve explains,

The words were inspired by a book someone gave me at the time called The Wild Edge of Sorrow, by Francis Weller. This book helped me find some kind of sense amidst the well of sadness I was feeling, and I grew to know that without grief we cannot have joy …. This period of my life was one of acute pain and loss, and also a time of noticing the beauty, a time of feeling gratitude for this life.”

The song is as gentle and meditative as its description suggests.

With this second EP Eve Goodman has confirmed her status as a singer songwriter hard on a road to somewhere. Wave Upon Wave is an exquisite release - music of quiet, insistent exhilaration created from nothing but wisdom, light and grace.

EVE GOODMAN I Wave Upon Wave