Merry Hell : A Year in the Life

Merry Hell : Leave it in the Ground

Wigan’s sublime folk-addled space-hillbillies (see below) Merry Hell have released a new digital single and video, seemingly from a socially isolated near-Earth orbit.

The song, Leave it in the Ground, is the first of three making up The Hourglass Trilogy - all of which are concerned with the climate emergency.

Virginia Kettle, Bob Kettle and Neil McCartney each brought an environmentally themed piece to the table for a new album (due later in the year), and the decision to release them as a set is intended to maximise the reach of their shared message.

Leave it in the Ground is McCartney’s work. The fiddle player comes from a family with mining connections, and his song is about looking for safer energy sources to honour the sacrifices people in extractive industries made in the past.

It should come as no surprise that McCartney is making a songwriting contribution. Merry Hell was already replete with songwriters when he joined - but his pen definitely brought success for his previous band, The Big Geraniums, as he wrote a top 3 hit, Home Again, for the ensemble in their native Ireland.

To complete the trio, Sister Atlas (8 June) and Emergency Lullaby (29 June) will follow quickly on the heels of this release.

Taking its title from the last of the three, Merry Hell’s new album, nearing completion, will be called Emergency Lullabies.


MERRY HELL I Leave it in the Ground