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New : V4Velindre

You only have to take a cursory look at the world about you to see that the return to ‘normal’ is at best built on ambivalent foundations.

What is certain is that some things will never be the same post-covid.

The unluckiest of us are left bereaved or scarred by disease. Many are still isolated.

Communities have changed. In many Welsh villages, metal chisels on cold stone echoed the rhythms made by people clapping in solidarity with frontline workers, as homes were converted to holiday lets, a cruel hollowing out of place for quick profit.

The health and social care sectors are devastated, their staff exhausted.

If music and culture can offer warmth, light and hope in this situation, then this project is a definite source of all.

V4Velindre is a mix tape for the NHS. Kevin McGrath, a Welsh music writer, has curated it for the benefit of his local cancer centre.

There are 44 tracks, and they are often absurdly good. Just forcing your ears past the opening T-Rex on a waltzer brilliance of Bandicoot to reach eventually the beatific acoustic haze of Matthew Frederick’s Hay on Wye is a hard task. Hitting replay is too great and too regular a temptation. From start to finish, this is a superbly crafted compilation.

V4Velindre is available for £7 from Bandcamp from October 1st.